Chi Gong and Flow Yoga (also known as Calligraphy Yoga) incorporates powerful principles of Tai Chi,  Taoist Qi Gong and Yoga from Indian and Taoist influences to create a flowing practice of circular natural movements. It works on freeing the spine, joints, meridians and energy centres within the body, thus promoting blood, mental/nervous and digestive circulation. All Chi Gong and Flow Yoga movements originate from and are powered by your energy centres, called Dan Tien.


Let Chi Gong and Flow Yoga reconnect you to your Chi (Qi). 

· It is easy to do

· Does not require any equipment

· It just feels great

· Transforms your Body

· Improves your Health

· Increases your Energy Level and Wellbeing


The exercises you will learn at Chi Gong and Flow Yoga can be altered to suit your needs, so no matter what your age or fitness level, there is a practice that you will enjoy and benefit from. This may range from a practice that is more physical to help you build strength and fitness, to working more gently to aid injury recovery, flexibility and balance.

We warmly welcome you to come and try one of our classes and see for yourself how a Chi Gong and Flow Yoga classe can help you feel great and get you back on the path to better health and vitality.

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